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Eliminating plastic waste is what we’ve been busy with for the past 30 years.

Ecology That Makes Cents

The "human factor" is vital to every aspect of how we do business at Green Suites Hotel Solutions. We care about everyone involved in our mission to make hotel amenities and supplies more affordable and sustainable. From our customers to our employees, investors, and suppliers, we are grateful to have you along with us, and we want every exchange with Green Suites Hotel Solutions to be personal, caring, and human.

That’s why we put you and the environment first with our products. If it wasn’t for the planet we live on and the great people who support us, we wouldn’t be here. We strive to make our products eco-friendly and affordable, so we can help create a sustainable future for you and your business. We even supply and encourage programs that can help you lower your overall amenity waste and utility bill. Plus, they’re not only good for your wallet, but for your employees and customers as well. They’re safe, and often completely non-toxic. 

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