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The Kiff

Elegance and Beauty


The Kiff’s unique approach is on beauty and convenience. It is solid stainless steel that outshines the competition. The Kiff’s 16oz bottle is 33% greater than any other hotel dispenser out there, not needing to be refilled but for every 3-8 weeks, meaning less labor, and less waste. Pump bottles have become the norm in upscale hotels as it is more familiar and “home-y” for guests. The large bottle also gives a greater face for branding hotel amenities while making it easier for guests to identify the product they want to use.

As the video shows, the Kiff installation is still a breeze. You’ll have it up and running in no time. Plus, the Kiff features a clever security lock giving your guest a greater sense of security and hygiene.

The Kiff


The Kiff Hotel Soap Dispenser

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Green Suites Hotel Solutions proudly offers The Kiff Hotel Soap Dispenser. It features:

  • Weight: 0.453592 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22.86 × 22.86 × 7.62 in
  • Brand: Aroya, Paya, Beekman Fresh Air, None
  • Dispensers & Liquids: Shower (Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel), Shower + Vanity (Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Hand Soap, Lotion), Shower + Vanity (Shampoo, Conditioner , Shower Gel, Hand Soap), Shower + Vanity (Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Lotion), Vanity (Hand Soap, Lotion), Vanity (Hand Soap), Vanity (Lotion)


At Green Suites Hotel Solutions, we present the Kiff Hotel Soap Dispenser as a premium solution for your hotel amenities. The Kiff shower dispenser is a sleek and eco-friendly solution for your bathroom. With a 16oz capacity, it’s perfect for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, and lotion. 

Our hotel soap dispenser combines elegant design with practicality, offering guests a luxurious experience and providing hoteliers and independent hotels with cost-effective, eco-friendly resort amenities for their properties. With our Kiff Hotel Soap Dispenser, you can elevate the guest experience, reduce waste, and enhance the overall ambiance in your hotel bathrooms. Trust Green Suites Hotel Solutions for superior quality and environmentally conscious resort amenities that meet the demands of modern hospitality establishments. Order our boutique hotel amenities online today.

  • Easy access for your guests 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fits nicely in hotel bathrooms

Additional information

Weight 0.453592 lbs
Dimensions 22.86 × 22.86 × 7.62 in

Aroya, Paya, Beekman Fresh Air, None

Dispensers & Liquids

Shower (Shampoo , Conditioner , Shower Gel), Shower + Vanity (Shampoo , Conditioner , Shower Gel, Hand Soap , Lotion), Shower + Vanity (Shampoo , Conditioner , Shower Gel, Hand Soap), Shower + Vanity (Shampoo , Conditioner , Shower Gel, Lotion), Vanity (Hand Soap , Lotion), Vanity (Hand Soap), Vanity (Lotion)


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30-70% savings, reduced labor, and 90% less waste.

Guests love dispensers. They can easily READ the product type on the dispenser (vs tiny bottles), they get unlimited, high-quality products without dropping the soap bar or fumbling with the plastic bottles. Additionally, guests appreciate this “green” approach.

You chose from shampoo (or conditioning shampoo), conditioner, bath soap in the shower. For the vanity you may choose  hand soap and/or lotion.

2-3 weeks for shampoo and bath Gel, and 4-6 weeks for Conditioner, Hand Soap and Lotion.

The liquids are shipped in gallons. We provide gallon pumps most hotels fill in a central housekeeping location or directly from the room attendant’s cart.

About 5-8 minutes per room. We provide both video and written instructions in English and Spanish.

Our Push dispensers (Odyssey and Slim) deliver a reasonable amount of liquid, about ⅓ ounce (10ml) with 3-5 pushes. Pump and squeeze dispensers (Kiff and Eclipse) will deliver 2-3x that amount of liquid so more product gets consumed and more product gets wasted. Pump dispensers are more guest-friendly, push dispensers are more economical.

Refillable dispensers reduce plastic waste by over 90% without any waste of liquids. Prefilled cartridges reduce waste by about 20% yet it is more expensive while wasting more liquid.

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