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Natural ingredients have the amazing power to nourish, strengthen, and style our beautiful hair – that’s why we’ve made them the stars of our products. Our nutrient-rich formulas are finely crafted by carefully curating and blending organic botanical extracts, natural moisturizers, and exotic oils.




LaCoupe Bulk Hotel Amenitites

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LaCoupe bulk amenities for Best Western brand hotels. Elevate your guest’s stay with this wonderful collection of bulk liquids.

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Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 7 in

Case of 24 Prefilled Silm Cartridges (12oz each), Case of 36 Prefilled Grip Cartridges (13oz each)


Shampoo, Shower Gel, Conditioner, Hand soap, Lotion


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in with the good, out with the bad

IN with the GOOD, OUT with the BAD. That’s how we created the LaCoupe Naturals Collection.
It isn’t always easy to live the most natural, healthy, and simple life in our world today, but we believe making small, meaningful choices in our daily life takes us one step closer.
Say “Yes” to more than just beautiful hair!

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30-70% savings, reduced labor, and 90% less waste.

Guests love dispensers. They can easily READ the product type on the dispenser (vs tiny bottles), they get unlimited, high-quality products without dropping the soap bar or fumbling with the plastic bottles. Additionally, guests appreciate this “green” approach.

You chose from shampoo (or conditioning shampoo), conditioner, bath soap in the shower. For the vanity you may choose  hand soap and/or lotion.

2-3 weeks for shampoo and bath Gel, and 4-6 weeks for Conditioner, Hand Soap and Lotion.

The liquids are shipped in gallons. We provide gallon pumps most hotels fill in a central housekeeping location or directly from the room attendant’s cart.

About 5-8 minutes per room. We provide both video and written instructions in English and Spanish.

Our Push dispensers (Odyssey and Slim) deliver a reasonable amount of liquid, about ⅓ ounce (10ml) with 3-5 pushes. Pump and squeeze dispensers (Kiff and Eclipse) will deliver 2-3x that amount of liquid so more product gets consumed and more product gets wasted. Pump dispensers are more guest-friendly, push dispensers are more economical.

Refillable dispensers reduce plastic waste by over 90% without any waste of liquids. Prefilled cartridges reduce waste by about 20% yet it is more expensive while wasting more liquid.

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