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4 Features of Our Hotel Soap Dispensers

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4 Features of Our Hotel Soap Dispensers

The guest experience is everything in the hospitality industry, and one of the most important features to consider when creating a unique guest experience is providing quality amenities. At Green Suites Hotel Solutions, we offer a variety of hotel soap dispensers with different features to help you customize your hotel’s amenity offerings. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make our soap dispensers stand out from the rest! 

Lock and Keys

We understand making the switch from miniature amenity bottles to liquid amenity dispensers can be daunting. Rest assured, our hotel soap dispensers feature built-in locks and keys, which are tamper-resistant and easy to use for quick refilling by authorized users. 

Viewing Windows

One of the most important elements in any amenity offering is keeping track of supply levels. That’s why all of our soap dispensers have viewing windows so you can easily check if supplies need to be refilled without having to open up the unit itself. 

Easy Installation

We want it to be as simple and straightforward as possible for you to install our soap dispensers in your hotel showers. All of our custom liquid soap dispensers come ready to install and most of them do not even require screws.

Custom Sizes and Labeling

Our soap dispensers are available in single, duo, and trio sizes, so you can choose the best option for your specific needs. Additionally, each unit comes with customizable labels where we can add information such as your hotel logo or special instructions for guests on how to use the product correctly. 

At Green Suites Hotel Solutions, we strive to provide hotels with quality amenities that enhance customers’ stay experiences while also being practical and efficient solutions for hotel owners or operators. If you’re looking for high-quality, yet affordable hotel amenities, contact us today to place your order!

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