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4 Trends in Sustainable Hospitality

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Many hotels in the hospitality industry are adopting certain techniques in order to reduce their impact on the environment at a time when “going green” is becoming increasingly important. Learn more below and contact Green Suites Hotel Solutions to learn more about environmentally sustainable practices for your business.

Reducing Food Waste

Many hotels offer continental breakfasts to their guests for a few hours during the early morning. Traditionally, this meant making massive amounts of different kinds of breakfast foods so that every guest would get the meal that they wanted and the portions that they desired. Nowadays, many hotels are reducing the initial amount of food that they make for these meals and cooking items on an as-needed basis in order to reduce the amount that they have to throw away after breakfast is over.

Allergen-Free Hotel Features

Hotels can become stuffy and filled with allergens if they are not properly cleaned and looked after. That is why it is important for businesses to consider the impact that this can have on their guests and the environment of their hotel. Introducing low-maintenance plants and allergy-friendly carpeting is a green method that saves water, improves guests’ experience, and makes for an environment that promotes a healthy environment without even needing to say it.

Low Flow Fixtures

Water and electricity are two of the major contributing factors to a hotel’s impact on the environment and its overall level of sustainability. Companies that are successfully going green have adopted certain techniques in order to mitigate some of their environmental impact in this regard. Low flow showerheads, toilets, and faucets help to cut back on water usage. Using LED bulbs to reduce the energy requirements for the hotel’s lighting has a net positive impact on emissions and reduces costs. 

Closely Monitoring Emissions

Carbon emissions are consistently at the forefront of the green movement, and hotels are places that can easily let their contribution get out of control. After all, there are tens, if not hundreds of rooms in any given hotel, depending on its size. While it is important to ensure that guests arrive in a temperate room, simple measures like turning off air conditioning in rooms that are not currently in use go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint and is a common practice in eco-friendly hotels.

These common conservation practices are only going to become more popular in the hospitality industry as the green movement progresses. Make sure that your hotel is at the forefront of these efforts by implementing some of these strategies in your business. Contact Green Suites Hotel Solutions for more information today.

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