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Cutting Costs, Elevating Luxury: EcoCents Dispenser Program

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Are you seeking ways to reduce expenses on your amenities?

In the realm of luxury, there’s a common belief among property managers that achieving it requires significant financial investment.

However, this need not be the prevailing mindset.

Consider this scenario: You’re a hotel manager tasked with cost-cutting, and one of the first areas you may scrutinize is your amenities budget.

But how can you cut costs without compromising quality? Enter EcoCents, a solution that allows you to enjoy the benefits of providing top-notch amenities while simultaneously saving money.

Today, our clientele spans from small “mom and pop” properties to upscale hotels in cities worldwide.

Gone are the days when amenity dispensers were considered “cheap looking” by guests—especially when the dispensers are aesthetically pleasing, and guests have the convenience of as much liquid as they desire.

We’ve simplified the initiation process:

  • You don’t pay a cent until after you’ve collected payments from your guests. We’ll dispatch 90 days’ worth of supplies, and you settle the bill at the end of the second month (collecting occupancy at the end of Month one, with payment due at the end of month two).
  • No upfront capital costs; we send you the dispensers and liquids before you open your wallet.
  • Installation is a breeze—dispensers stick onto the walls. No need to hire a professional (and hope they don’t hit a water pipe) to secure our eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner dispensers to the walls 

With EcoCents, you can commence saving on amenities right away.

The more a property saves through our programs, the better!

We’re committed to helping customers save significantly while contributing to the betterment of our planet.

For more details, visit our program page here: [EcoCents Dispenser Program](https://greensuites.com/free-dispensers  )

When you’re ready to realize savings ranging from 30% to 70% on amenities. Give our Sales Manager a call  at 800-224-4228 or email sales@greensuites.com.

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