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Independent Hotel Amenities

Green Suites Hotel Solutions offers a wide range of amenities specifically tailored for independent hotels. One of our standout products is the hotel dispenser system, which provides a more environmentally friendly and convenient solution for guests. Learn more about our EcoCents dispenser program, and contact us today!

Our Hotel Dispenser System

The hotel dispenser system includes independent hotel amenities, such as shampoo, conditioner, and soap dispensers, that are installed in the hotel bathrooms and guest bathroom. These eco-friendly dispensers are refilled with high-quality liquids, ensuring a consistent and luxurious experience for guests.

By eliminating single-use plastic bottles, the hotel dispenser system helps reduce waste and minimize the hotel’s environmental impact.

Saves You Money

Not only are the hotel dispensers eco-friendly, but they also offer several advantages for both hoteliers and guests. Firstly, these independent hotel amenities are cost-effective.

By purchasing liquids in bulk, hotels can save money compared to individually packaged amenities. Additionally, the eco-friendly hotel dispensers require less storage space, freeing up valuable room for other hotel essentials.

High-Quality Liquids

The liquids used in the hotel dispensers for independent hotel amenities are carefully formulated to meet high-quality standards.

Green Suites Hotel Solutions partners with reputable suppliers to provide products that are gentle on the skin and hair, leaving guests feeling refreshed and pampered during their stay.

hotel soap dispensers from Green Suites Hotel Solutions


Another benefit of the hotel dispenser system is the convenience it offers to guests. Instead of carrying around multiple small bottles, guests can simply access your independent hotel amenities conveniently placed in the bathroom. This also reduces the likelihood of guests forgetting their own toiletries, as they can rely on the hotel’s premium liquids.


Furthermore, the hotel dispensers can be customized with the hotel’s branding, creating a cohesive and professional look throughout the property. This attention to detail adds to the overall guest experience, making them feel more connected to the hotel.


Green Suites Hotel Solutions’ independent hotel amenities, including the hotel dispenser system with shampoo, conditioner, and soap liquids, offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution for independent hotels. By prioritizing eco-friendly practices and providing high-quality products, Green Suites ensures that hoteliers can elevate their guest experience while reducing their environmental footprint. Get started today!