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Why Get Eco-Friendly Shower Gel for Your Hotel?

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With guests increasingly seeking lodging services that prioritize sustainability, meeting their demands isn’t just a smart move –it’s a responsible decision. NOW is the perfect time for your hotel to go green! 

A distinct shift is felt across the globe: there’s a growing enthusiasm for all things reusable, biodegradable, compostable, or free from certain ingredients. Being part of this movement can significantly boost your hotel’s reputation.

In the hospitality industry, the luxuries provided are key to shaping a guest’s experience. Hotel amenities, viewed as extra benefits, range from personal care items like shower gel, shampoo, dental kits, shower caps, and various other custom shower products and are commonly found in hotels and inns.

Shower gels and body washes are a part of the daily routine for many hotel guests due to their gentle and luxurious feel compared to traditional bar soaps. 

However, many hoteliers often overlook the key fact that most shower gels are not biodegradable. This indicates that they consist of chemicals that are slow to break down and can harm the environment.

As the world shifts towards sustainable practices and products, providing eco-friendly shower gels in hotels is a smart step. These gels, made of organic ingredients, decompose fast without causing damage to our planet. 

This time, we will go deeper into the benefits of eco-friendly shower gels and guide stocking these premium products for a fantastic bathing experience.

Why Switch to Eco-friendly Shower Gels

Switching to biodegradable shower gels isn’t just about joining a movement promoting environmental conservation. These shower gels are developed with safe, natural ingredients that improve your skin health in several ways. 

However, it’s important to select high-quality, eco-friendly shower gels from reliable custom hotel amenities suppliers, as many low-quality products on the market don’t meet high standards.

Contrary to conventional shower gels that can irritate and dry out the skin, eco-friendly shower gels offer these benefits:

1. Safe for Skin: Biodegradable shower gels, along with other eco-friendly shower products, are gentle on the skin. They cleanse and moisturize the skin without causing dryness, unlike non-organic shower gels that contain harsh ingredients disrupting your endocrine system. 

Numerous studies show that avoiding products laced with chemicals like fragrances, triclosan, and parabens greatly decreases chemical absorption in the body. These additives and preservatives have been associated with conditions like infertility, cancer, and eczema.

Our skin, the largest organ, deserves mindful care to improve its protection. Check out GreenSuites Hotel Solutions’ selection of eco-friendly shower products and hotel shower dispensers to improve your guests’ bath experience. 

2. Nourish the Skin & Improve Its Health: Eco-friendly shower gels are rich in nutrients beneficial for skin health. For instance, vitamins C and E protect your skin from harmful UV rays, promote cell growth, and tissue repair, and reduce aging effects. Antioxidants boost skin hydration and increase elastin and collagen production, making the skin firm and elastic. Essential oils like lavender, olive, and jojoba offer therapeutic, relaxing effects and can heal skin conditions like eczema. 

GreenSuites Hotel Solutions only offers high-quality liquids. All our custom shower products are made in the USA, paraben-free, biodegradable, and without synthetic fragrances.

3. Environmentally Friendly: Non-biodegradable hotel amenities, like shower gels, contain microplastics that end up in bodies of water or soil after a shower. Imagine the collective impact when millions of hotel guests use them! In contrast, biodegradable custom shower products are eco-friendly, causing no environmental harm.

4. Lesser Risk for Allergic Reactions: Eco-friendly shower products, like organic shower gels, are effective in dealing with allergies due to their natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that soothe the skin and reduce irritation. They’re also free from artificial perfumes, making them perfect for people sensitive to fragrances.

Coconut or aloe vera gels are great for those with sensitive skin with redness.

Tips For Buying High-Quality Biodegradable Shower Gel

Considering the thousands of retailers and hotel amenities suppliers, finding shower gels in their stores and online is easy. When shopping for a shower gel, consider these tips to ensure that you get premium products:

  • Buy from reputable hotel amenities suppliers, like GreenSuites Hotel Solutions, committed to sustainability practices. Their reputation can be verified by checking online customer reviews. GreenSuites ensures that our hotel amenities are personal, caring, and human.
  • Verify product ingredients. Make sure they’re organic and do not contain environment-harming chemicals. GreenSuites’ hotel amenities are paraben-free, biodegradable, and without synthetic fragrances.
  • Look for products certified by reputable authorities like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Read the product label to ensure it meets your specific needs, such as improving skin condition.
  • Go for products packaged in biodegradable materials.
  • Stay away from extremely cheap products as they could mean substandard quality.

All that said, the type of shower gel you choose can significantly impact the environment. While individual actions may seem insignificant, the collective impact of millions, especially in the hotel industry, is substantial. This is why buying eco-friendly shower products is vital for protecting the environment.

Eco-friendly shower gels not only enhance the hotel bathing experience but also nourish the skin with natural ingredients. They relieve skin conditions and improve overall skin health, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits while also preserving the environment.

If your hotel is considering switching to an eco-friendly shower gel, the guide discussed above can help you start on the right foot.

Apparently, an ongoing trend in the lodging industry is the shift towards incorporating these personal care amenities into hotel dispensers, reflecting advancement and adaptability within the sector.

Transitioning to sustainable practices and implementing green technology in your hotel offers numerous benefits. First, it enhances your hotel’s green profile and reinforces your commitment to the environment, which is a powerful branding tool. 

Second, it draws in a well-informed clientele base that values sustainability. While the initial investment in sustainable amenities might be higher, the long-term benefits significantly outweigh these costs. 

In essence, going green isn’t just appealing to guests; it’s an investment with substantial returns for your hotel in the years to come. Partner with GreenSuites Hotel Solutions if you want to start strong in your effort toward going green.

By adopting eco-friendly practices, your hotel can cater to the modern, sustainability-conscious traveler, while also reaping financial and branding benefits in the long term.

Explore GreenSuites Hotel Solutions’ selection of hotel amenities, including eco-friendly shower gels. Shop online today!

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