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At the close of December 2020, the world has seen hope emerge. Included in that hope is resuming travel, as COVID-19 vaccines were approved in the US and UK. At some point this year, once enough people are vaccinated against the virus, this means a possible return to globetrotting and hopefully freer & safer domestic tourism. This is great news for those in the hospitality industry — the business sector most hit with the onset of the pandemic — and it’s a great time to upgrade your amenity dispensers with programs like Green Suites’ EcoCents program.

For the average hotel, Airbnb, boutique lodging, motel, and resort, amenities are a key component to guest satisfaction — and a major expense, too. Over the years, it has become clear that packaging, plastic wrappings, and overall toiletry waste are not efficient or cost effective.  Whether tiny wrapped soaps or one-ounce shampoo bottles, much of what hotels provide are going to end up in landfills, but that changes when you incorporate amenity dispensers into your business.

Now more than ever, with hotels still reeling from the pandemic’s financial blows, switching to amenity dispensers and bulk liquids makes a lot of business sense. Why should accommodation facilities put dispensers in their showers? Simply follow the money. Even in pre-Covid 2019, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) said, 

“A hotel will save $.16 per guest room per day in water, labor and product costs by replacing amenities in individual bottles or wrappers with two refillable amenity dispensers per guest bathroom: one each for the shower and sink areas,” the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) said in pre-covid 2019. “For a typical 300-room hotel with 60% occupancy, that totals a savings of $10,512 per year.”

“If the cost of the dispensers, labor included, is $40 per bathroom,” the association continued, “that represents a $12,000 investment —a cost recouped in just over a year based on the savings calculated above.” [1]

Choose Amenity Dispensers From GreenSuites

Almost 30 years ago, GreenSuites already understood the future of hotels. Driven by our passion to help fellow businesses, we’ve been offering EcoCents for over 27 years — the only NO CAPITAL COST, pennies-per-occupied-room dispenser program in the lodging industry. What it offers are: free dispensers, free liquids, free shipping, and guaranteed price per occupied room (starting price from 19¢). As an added luxury feature, we only supply liquids that are paraben free, biodegradable, and with no synthetic fragrances. When you register, you’re guaranteed up to 70% savings in costs, 90% reduction in waste, and dramatically reduced labor. Our program has been helping hotels save up to $100M on housekeeping and waste costs.

While a post-pandemic world isn’t in the immediate horizon, using EcoCents can be a cost-effective, time-efficient decision for home-rental and boutique operations with lesser margin and flexibility. Not only is this option great for your bottom-line, it consciously considers the guest experience aspect as well. GreenSuites is a brand you can trust for affordable, durable, and guest-friendly wall dispensers with elegant, modern designs. As a premium hotel and inn amenities distributor, we rival traditional toiletry supplies in quality and surpass them in cost savings.

Save Money and Do Your Part With EcoCents

The debilitating impact brought on by the pandemic brings with it the realization that we live in a shared world. It’s always been GreenSuites’ goal and passion to help lodging businesses cut their costs while pushing for environmentally-friendly practices. GreenSuites is all about a holistic approach to business: eco-conscious hygiene from a cost- & time-efficient standpoint.

For all of us to be healthy and economically safe, we have to help each other. We can help you through our EcoCents Dispenser Program. Contact us today to get started.

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