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New York Bans Mini Toiletry Bottles From Hotels

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At Green Suites Hotel Solutions, we care about the environment. Our goal is and has always been to create high-quality products that are good for both people and the planet. Our eco-friendly hotel products are biodegradable, waste-reducing, and can always be reduced and recycled. 

Protecting our planet has become an essential task. The importance of getting plastics and waste out of our environment cannot be overstated. The state of New York has recently taken a big step forward in getting plastic out of the environment by passing bills S543 and A5082. These bills ban single-use plastic toiletry bottles smaller than 12 ounces in hotels and motels. This will drastically cut back on waste generated by hotels. In today’s post, Green Suites Hotel Solutions takes a look at these new laws. Read on to learn more and Join The Green EcoSense Program Today!

The Law 

New York has become the second state to sign into law a ban on single-use plastic toiletry bottles in hotels and motels. The law requires hotels with more than fifty rooms to be free of these single-use bottles by January 1st, 2024, and smaller chains to be free of them one year later. Large hotel chains, like the Marriott, have already committed to making the switch away from single-use plastic bottles for their hotel amenities. A small plastic bottle is defined by the law as any bottle smaller than 12 ounces. Failure to comply with the law will result in a written warning on a first offense and a requirement to comply within thirty days. A second offense will result in a $250 fine and a subsequent violation within the same year will result in a $500 fine. All money collected from fines will go to the Environmental Protection Fund.

How it Will Help 

Every year, roughly 8 to 10 million tons of plastic end up in our planet’s oceans, threatening marine life and contributing to pollution. Plastic has been found at every corner of the planet. It shows up in drinking water, honey, and all sorts of other things. Plastic is harmful to the environment, can do serious harm to animals, and pollution from plastic is generally agreed to be a crisis. By enacting laws like this and moving away from single-use hotel amenities bottles, we will reduce the amount of plastic in the environment. Aside from saving the planet, moving away from single-use bottles is also good for hotels’ bottom lines. Businesses that use alternatives to single-use plastic bottles can save up to 75% on amenity expenses, waste costs, and housekeeping. It also makes guests feel great as they know they are doing their part to keep plastic out of our oceans. 

What Can Be Done Instead 

Green Suites Hotel Solutions offers an alternative to single-use hotel amenity bottles. We provide amenity dispensers to hotels and motels, allowing them to comply with laws such as the New York single-use plastic bottle ban and help save the planet. Although some may be concerned about making the switch to hotel dispensers, the savings on eliminating single-use bottles add up. By using a hotel dispenser, you only spend money on the products you need. Guests understand the need to cut down on plastics and will feel good that the chain they chose is doing their part to help the planet. Green Suites Hotel Solutions offers the highest quality dispensers and amenity brands that any luxury hotel would be proud to offer their valued guests. Our EcoCents Dispenser Program offers hoteliers a green advantage, a way to comply with plastics bans, and a cost-efficient choice. Reach out today and Join The Green EcoSense Program Today!

Next Steps 

California and now New York have banned single-use plastic bottles in hotels. While bans like this may seem extreme, they are essential in addressing the plastic pollution crisis our planet is facing. Plastics clog up our oceans, harm marine life, take centuries to break down, and cost hotels more money than many green solutions. Moving away from single-use hotel amenities bottles is an essential step in a green future for our planet. Programs like our EcoCents Dispenser Program are not only good for the environment, they’re good for hotels’ bottom line. Hotel dispensers are longer-lasting which means they need to be replaced less frequently. They are more efficient and generate much less waste. They are easy and low-cost to install. They cannot be tampered with or stolen and are easier for housekeeping to clean. Our next steps are to get hotel dispensers in as many hotels as possible across the country. We want to help eliminate the amount of plastic that has made its way into our environment. Be part of the solution. Join The Green EcoSense Program Today!

New York’s ban on mini toiletry bottles is the latest in important steps being taken to help the environment and reduce waste and plastic pollution. Green Suites Hotel Solutions supports making the switch away from single-use hotel amenity bottles. We provide an eco-friendly alternative and are proud to be part of the solution to helping the planet. We are happy to work with hotel chains that want to make a difference and keep our planet safe and healthy. If you want to work with us to make the switch for a better planet or to comply with a new law. Don’t wait. Reach out to us today and Join The Green EcoSense Program Today!

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