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Sedona Hotels Pave Green Path

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The Kings Ransom Sedona Hotel is following in the responsible footsteps of its sister property the Kings Ransom Inn by converting their 95 guestrooms into EcoRoom® Accommodations. The positive guest reviews, good corporate citizenship and savings from reduced utility and waste costs convinced the owners this is the proper path to follow.

Both properties are located amongst the stunning red rock beauty of Sedona, Arizona. In an effort to assist in the protection of that environment, the hotels have contracted Green Suites® Hotel Solutions, the lodging industry’s leading supplier of environmental products and programs, to convert each guestroom with standard amenities into EcoRoom® Accommodations, featuring over a dozen environmental products, including compact fluorescent light bulbs; water efficient showerheads and sink faucets; L.E.D. nightlights (according to a study at Livermore Laboratories, 40% of all travelers leave bathroom lights on as nightlights); non-toxic cleaning chemicals; a linen reuse program; and Natura brand liquid soaps, lotions and shampoo products offered in shower and vanity dispensers.

Additionally, materials in each room, explain the environmental impact of the guests stay with the property. Each dispenser states that use of it may “eliminate over 1000 amenity packages a year from entering our landfills,” adding that the liquid products are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and not animal tested. On the towel reuse card one “EcoFact” states “replacing 80% of the showerheads in the United States with water efficient ones would SAVE a million gallons of water per day (2 times the flow of the Colorado River).”

Back in December of 2009, Sedona’s Kings Ransom Inn launched the “EcoRoom® Accommodation Program” converting each of their 53 guestrooms into the healthier, more environmental “EcoRooms.” They were the first property in the area to do so.

The EcoRoom® Accommodations further highlight a series of environmental initiatives by the Kings Ransom Sedona Hotel. Sedona’s Kings Ransom Sedona Hotel prides itself in being a non-smoking hotel and uses recycled office supplies such as ink toner and printer paper. In addition, all cardboard packaging, cans and bottles for both the hotel and their restaurant, Elote Café, are recycled. Individual recycle bins are placed in each room to encourage guests to do the same.

Amy Bertorelli, President of the Kings Ransom Sedona Hotel, knows that going green will not only benefit her property but also the community and her guests. “Last year we decided to partner with Green Suites Hotel Solutions to implement a “Green Hotel” transition in our sister hotel, The Kings Ransom Inn. This was a trial to determine how our guests would respond. Their comments were overwhelmingly positive! Our housekeeping staff is also enthusiastic as we now use earth-friendly cleaning products which they love. We didn’t hesitate to move forward to implement these same initiatives in our larger Kings Ransom Sedona Hotel! We believe it is vitally important for individuals and businesses to be mindful of our planet’s health and contribute to sustaining that health by implementing Green practices daily. Our website, kingsransomsedona.com offers the following welcome: Be Prepared to take in Breathtaking Beauty that Fills the Senses and Feeds the Soul. The Kings Ransom Sedona Hotel endeavors to fulfill this promise to our guests by providing green environmentally-friendly accommodations which will enhance their experience and fulfill their expectations. At the same time, our guests have an opportunity to contribute to this effort! We know people who visit Sedona enjoy a pristine environment and will want to leave it that way.”

Dan Bornholdt, President of Green Suites® Hotel Solutions estimates that the Kings Ransom Sedona Hotel will save 30 percent to 70 percent on the cost of amenities, 20 percent to 40 percent on water, 30 percent to 70 percent of energy, 10 percent on waste and 10 percent on labor. He bases these numbers on the 3,000 hotels they have supplied in the company’s 17 year history.

Due to their participation in the EcoRoom® Accommodation Program, Sedona’s Kings Ransom Sedona Hotel has also received a 4-leaf rating as part of the Green Suites® Certification Program. This program aims to recognize hotels for the positive green initiatives they’ve performed, while simultaneously challenging the hotels’ competitors to step up their environmental performance.

While a great many companies are talking about environmental action, the King’s Ransom Sedona Hotel and its sister property, the King’s Ransom Inn, are implementing positive, cost effective, guest pleasing environmental initiatives.

“With our guests, our community and our bottom line all happy with the efforts,” gushes Bertorelli “this is a true win-win-win for everyone.” All while the environment may be the biggest winner.

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Based in Upland, Calif., Green Suites® Hotel Solutions assists hotels by developing solutions that are profitable to hotels and image enhancing to the more than 43 million environmental travelers in the United States. Solutions include natural amenities delivered from elegant dispensers, non-toxic cleaners, air and water filtration systems and energy and water efficient products. Facilities reaping the benefits of Green Suites® Hotel Solutions include properties from every state and over 40 countries.

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